Map Of The Earth Where I can zoom to my house!

+1 Sampan Verma · August 25, 2016
Do any of you know where can I found the Map Of Earth in image format (or equivalent) which is so big, such that I can find my own how when I am zoomed in and see the whole map (like in atlas) when zoomed out.

You see where I am going with this!

I know there is Google Maps and they have thousands of APIs. But I dont want an API. I want a big map image which may be (1 to 50 GBs) large!.

I want this big image because :-
a) I want to run tests/simulations
b) Use it for Games and Game Servers
c) Start my own free maps service, not like Google who has a paid one. And yes I have 4Tbs of online space which is almost empty. I can upload and handle that big data.
d) Look at it all day, drink some shakes in meanwhile. What else do you think I can do with it Jeez.

So, I want a URL or Magnet / Torrent Link where I can download the file.
(Make sure its stable if HTTP, and has seeds if Torrent)

Thanks for reading....

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+1 Sampan Verma · August 25, 2016
After five minutes of writing this post, I have an idea -
I can make requests to some Maps API for different images at different location (increasing by some rate) and stitch them into one image later. Sounds great! But I will need help from someone who has used some Maps API. I can do the maths and stitching stuff using Python.

But I will still love to find a single file for the whole world map!
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