Couple of questions about the video

0 Pavel Andrei · August 29, 2016
Ok,so.I watched Buckys 47 C++ tutorial and i have a couple of questions.
Please answer if u can

Why did he make int month,int day,int year?Couldn't he have used m,d and y ?
Why did he make string name ?Couldn't he have just used string x ?
Why did he make Birthday dateOfBirth private ?And why did he use dateOfBirth?I mean,that's the point of the video but,couldn't he have used bo ?

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+1 Scott Walker · August 30, 2016
you name your variables to make them understandable. What use are variables d,m,y and x? If you left it and came back a month later could you understand it? Use meaningful variable names, they make your code easier to read.
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