What language to use?

+4 Chris Blum · August 11, 2014
Hello everyone.
I've been programming with Java and C++ for a few years now. 
My new project for my company is to set up a website that will pull information from web APIs and create graphs based on real time data from an off-site oracle database.

I figured I would ask the community if they had recommendations on how to set this up and get started and what languages to use. I've never worked on a project like this before. Some ideas i've had are javascript, PHP, Ruby but i'm not exactly sure if these are what i'm looking for or what the pros and cons are of each.

Also wanted to note I was thinking of incorporating google chart to create the visual graphs.

Thank you,
Chris Blum

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0 Chris Blum · August 11, 2014
Thanks for the information. I looked at Django and it seems neat!

A broader question here. How will the language be used to take and display the data? Would I basically use C# or Python to import the information and hold it into some data container locally? I've only built websites with HTML5 and CSS so i'm a little confused on the process.

I think i'll start a simple website in C# and try passing a name variable to the database to obtain their ID# just to get the flow down.

Thanks again for the help!
0 Savad Dekrup · August 11, 2014
Try 'R'. It is a really good programming language for graphing, not sure if this is what you wanted.
0 Chris Blum · August 13, 2014
Thanks for the info on R.
I was looking up top paying IT skills and big data topped the list with R being mentioned several times. Worth looking into!
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