Hello world! This is Mohamed from Egypt. Please may you guide me?

+3 Mohamed GadAllah · August 11, 2014
Hello every one.
I am Mohamed from Egypt, Cairo.
I am starting my career with web development.
I am afraid that I so not have any programming background.
I would like to learn, and it will be a self learning in my own using ebooks and youtube.
I've searched here and there and feel like lost in the ocean for what to do and what to do not.
What I've ended up with so far:- (please forgive me if there is any mistakes or stupid things because I am still starting).

- I've realized that I am very interested with web development over or compared to application or desktop software development.
- My main problem is determine the exact source to follow because I am like the one who collect a flower from each different garden. 
- I think I will go through the php track and not python or .net.
- I was able to determine titles without details and this the reason I am asking here to ask details.
- I've summarized what I've so far:-

  1. learn basic html.

  2. learn basic css.

  3. learn basic php.

  4. there is something titled object oriented programming and analysis and design (I do not exactly understand it) that I should understand.

  5. learn java script and ajax ... really do not know what is it.

  6. using something titled frame work ( I am confused with this term, does this mean using a client like zend or net-beans or SublimeText2 to create php project from a-to-z or to use something like WordPress and customize it? really do not know the exact meaning.

  7. database like mysql.

This is what I've ended with so far by goggling here and there for several weeks.
Please accept my apologize if I've missed something or said anything irrelevant to web development subject.
So now my problem is determine the source for learning these things.
1st I've thought about using text books from universities like deitel ...etc, then I thought about using YouTube playlists for guys who explain basics ...etc but really can not build a plan or layout for best understanding in a cumulative way.
So please may you guide me?
I've about 3-4 hours a day for the next 7 months dedicated for learning, and I am really a self learner and very interested to do so as I am enjoying web development a lot and would like to go through this career bath.

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0 Mohamed GadAllah · August 14, 2014
Gentle reminder please.
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