C++ Used for Web Design?

+2 Preston Arnold · August 14, 2016
I have learned html CSS and javascript and asked my friend if thats all to start coding my own website and he said I need to learn C++ and idk if C++ is used for website desgn. In bucky's video he said its used for Apps and games..

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+1 Scott Walker · August 14, 2016
Although Krootushas Gesu is correct there are some websites that use C++. Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo and Google use C++ on their back ends but these are huge sites where performance is key. However, any bog standard web site would be built in C# or Php.
0 Jugurtha BELKALEM · August 29, 2016
All You need to create a fully interactive website is learning a server side scripting language like : php or perl. C++ is a genaral purpuse programming language, 
you already know html and css and javascript, just add php(beacause there is a course in this website) to your list; those are specialized for website and they are the most dominant in the world to create web applications.

Good Luck!! 
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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