Is Anyone doing anything productive?

+2 Sampan Verma · August 7, 2016
I am getting bored playing games. Pop some ideas, everyone!

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+1 Arch38 ツ · August 7, 2016
Same ive just been playing overwatch and CSGO these past days:D
+1 Bryce Scrivner · August 7, 2016
I have been messing around with c++ and learning programming so :)
+1 Sampan Verma · August 9, 2016
I watched a video online in which the man says The Walking Dead Game was so good that it's first episode made him cry. I played it and cursed the game. It was boring! I need some ideas to do something.
+1 Jemaine Brown · August 10, 2016
To be honest, not lately. I'm just sitting here watching random tutorials from Bucky :)
0 Lachie Bollard · April 23, 2017
learning physics
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