Can I crawl THENEWBOSTON!!!!!!!!

+1 Sampan Verma · August 6, 2016
Can I crawl thenewboston and then sell the crawled data to student! Just Joking dude. I want to crawl it for personal use and I will probably share it with friends.
Because Internet and India = Rare!
So I will create a Offline Browser for TNB. Will it be legal(if it is not, I'm still going to make it but never talk about it here).
Can I host it on GitHub! Can I Sell it! 

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+1 Jay Deshaun · August 6, 2016
Everything on the internet that's accessible is legal to have crawled data.

Selling it is another thing though, as you're selling public data without their consent.
0 shane warne · August 7, 2016
yeah sure can do that!!..i did too!
0 Manas J · August 10, 2016
So basically you want to make something like w3 schools like compressed file and share it amongst your friends? But the problem is that this is video data and the other one was just text!

Even if you were to download the entire thing...this would easily go in TB's. For that you need to have a distributed server kinda architecture so that your friends can plug into LAN and access the data which is cost prohibitive. So what exactly are you proposing!
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