Should I become a Computer Scientist?

+2 Isaac Duncan · August 4, 2016
Because am about to go and chose my A-levels soon and I've always enjoyed programming as a past time and I wish to make it a living out of it one day .I was told in High School that if I do a computer Science course in University am guaranteed in landing a job because there is a minority in people who skill in computer science in comparison to other jobs in demand. Is that the case today?  I want my A-Level subjects to be related to my future job.

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+1 Sampan Verma · August 6, 2016
Isaac Duncan! It wholly depends upon your choice what you should opt.
Think about it as you have to create something everyday using your knowledge till your life! If you are willing not to get bored doing it repeatedly go for it.

Also check all the languages and soft wares they use at the place you are going for learning. If they use language like Java, I dont think that is going to be the best for Computer Science. Find one that teaches Python Language.
+1 Onuh Chibuike · August 7, 2016
Programming is a component of Computer science, there are other branches like networking, telecommunications etc. in terms of Jobs in programming the more important thing is getting certified in your area of specialization, with that you are just perfect for a job. Literally a degree holder in computer science is likely to earn more than a non-degree holder
0 Lachie Bollard · April 23, 2017
Yeah! A friend is and he says it's good
0 Dan Veg · April 23, 2017
What you said makes me think that you do not reside here in the US or if you do you may live in a location with an abundancy of computer science jobs. It is true that if you are good at something you better your chances at finding a job. But in most locations here in the US Computer Science jobs are very competitive especially here in southern California. All I have to say after this is if you choose Graphic Design here in the US be prepared for the number one most competitive  job fields in the country. Reason being is only about 5% of the educational establishments supporting Graphic Design have internship programs for the job field. Just about every job posting requires 3-4 years of professional experience and about 90% of the companies and businesses here in the US don't consider freelance to be professional experience. 

I am not trying to deture you from moving to graphic design but make sure you do your research of the job field you are wanting to pursue. See how it relates to the geographics in which you are planning on looking for the job.
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