Music on your Playlist? ( August Edition )

+1 Sampan Verma · August 1, 2016
Here is my playlist of the songs I love to hear while coding :

What are yours?????

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0 Jan Kiel · August 7, 2016
I am rather rock/metal guy, last time i get addicted to Down band:
But the music is especially good for coding time is kraut rock, ol' good Kraftwerk ( ) :D and synthwave, i.e. my fav synthwave musician, Perturbator (afaik he used to pla
y black metal before.. )
and Perturbator even more match for playing on old computers from 80's, like ZX Spectrum, Commodore, or Amiga
:D unfortunately, I dont have one :( maybe it's time to become ubergeek and invest in one :D
0 Bryce Scrivner · August 7, 2016
I like to listen to linkin park and skillet
0 Monty Mason · August 8, 2016
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