how do i get better at coding?

+3 Shunryui Nik · August 10, 2014
hello guys,as we can become master in mathematics by practice only....and i am really good at maths..i mean i can figure out quickly what is needed in particular situation in a math my question is,how do i get better at programming?
if you guys know some examples..pls send me a link!!!
i know java(except networking,event handling,generics,applet,awt) but i'm studying it and by studying i mean only knowing what it is??? not doing much of a programming!!!
and also i am watching buckys android programming tutorial and have 86 tutorials till now....i got all those concepts...but i haven't really implemented them on my own... so how do master them all??should i stop learning and start practicing or something like that.....any suggestions???do reply!!!
thanks in advance!!!

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+8 Eugene Botma · August 10, 2014
Practice practice practice.

When I started programming, I just wrote hundreds of small simple programs for thing I did a lot on the computer, for example I wrote a program that would copy over my "My Documents" folder to my external every Sunday at 5 pm. And this is a simple thing to do, and there are already a lot of programs that do similar things, but I personally learned a lot from the experience.

In my experience, people usually take one of 2 approaches (or both).

1: Write many small programs that do different things. Whenever you learn something new, write a few small programs that do that thing you learned so you are sure you know how it works. Eventually you will start using more and more things together and be able to build bigger and more complex programs.

2: Have a end goal in mind, for example a desktop sharing program. Start from the bottom and work your way towards your end goal. Every time you learn something new, look at how you can implement it into your final goal and do so. At regular intervals, look at how the new things you've learned can replace old code to work better, and constantly build and update the program towards the end goal.

In programming, you can never just look at a tutorial series, or read through a book. It is essential that you implement what you see/read, so write your own version of what the video/book is doing and make some changes to see what results will be etc.
+4 Brandon Elliott · August 13, 2014
I agree with Eugene's post.

I like to create simple tools to do a task for me that I find repetitive or too time consuming compared to if a program did it for me.

For example, I have an external hard drive that has many programs I use on it and I take it back and forth from work to home. I wanted a simple tool to back up the drive as I also save a lot of files I need on it and if it suddenly died or got destroyed I would be perplexed. So, I wrote a tool in Java that backs up the entire external drive to my internal drive on my desktop at home. When it's plugged in, a BAT runs and asks me if I want to back it up. I also created different backup settings so that I can back up the entire drive or just certain folders which hold files I regularly update.

I've also created a really simple tool in Java that takes the input of a youtube video URL and will save the thumbnail from that video to my hard drive using youtube's api. It's actually so simple but it turns a 3-5 minute task into a 3-5 second task. I created this tool for a video website I am developing and recreated it in php.

It's also a lot of fun to think of really simple programs and try to make them way better than any other versions out there. Some common examples could be a calculator or a text editor. By making a simple program and trying to make it the best it possibly can be, you will learn a lot.

I took the idea of a text editor and added a rhyme finding functionality, for writing poetry or song lyrics. It's really fun to be creative with programs and I find that with each program I develop I always learn something new, whether it be big or small.
+2 Chris Blum · August 13, 2014
Create something you would enjoy having and is useful to you. Through the process of creating it, you will familiarize yourself with your IDE, improving your script for the user and even learn how to package and deploy your code. Sometimes a new addition to your program will require you to use a pack you haven't before or implement something you haven't used. In my opinion this is the best way to learn. Then post your code on a forum like this and have people suggest some different routes you could have taken or optimizations.
0 Jake VandeWalle · September 2, 2014
I am still just starting in this whole development world (currently learning about java and xml and android development), but I am practicing what I learned by trying to solve my own problems before searching online. A lot of times analyzing the code will reveal why it is erroring. Also, just trying to recognize what some codes are really saying, like how Bucky explains what the code means in really simple terms in some of his beginner videos.
0 Austin Bakanec · August 16, 2014
I'm getting better by making chunks of code that might be useful for my ultimate goal.
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