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+3 Monty Mason · July 27, 2016
Hey everyone,

First a little bit of education history: I have a bachelor's in computer science and a diploma in database administration.

Lately I have been job searching and the thought of maybe going for a masters has crossed my mind. I wanted to know, what types of masters are out there for someone with a bachelor in computer science and a diploma in database administration?

I have researched a little bit into this, and have come across various master degrees in computer science. But what would you say is the most marketable one and one that could make use of my database and various programming knowledge?

Thanks to all those who take the time to throw in their helpful two cents in here :)

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+1 Monty Mason · July 27, 2016
@Abhishek, thanks for your reply. I have been looking into a Master's degree in computer science, but I suppose the final decision will really lie in where my interests are.

I'm not from India.
+2 Sampan Verma · July 28, 2016
For my suggestion start working on data science, leave all the degrees behind and even Bucky dont like colleges if you are a big fan of him. If you go to college for Computer Education then you are just wasting your 2-5 years. There are many topics that you do not know and will never know if you waste your precious time. For example when will you start with VR apps or when will start experiments using Deep Neural Networks.
If you have still decided to go for college, then well you are one those people who are going to work for contracts.
+1 Monty Mason · July 29, 2016
@Sampan, you would still be doing contract work either way whether it is with or without a degree. You could do full time work with or without a degree. Why do you think those who go to college are going to be working for contracts?

Were you implying on starting a business? Because that can still be done one way or the other.

Would appreciate some clarification on your wording.
Thanks for your input.
+2 Sampan Verma · August 1, 2016
No I dont do contract work. On the contrary I hate contract work. Its brutal.
I suggested starting your own business. You dont need a degree for starting your own business!

VideoLink :

Degree just implies that yes, you have spent time experiencing stuff which you actually have not. That means Degree = 0 XP
What you need is more XP and an Idea that can rule the world!

For example: I created my first Android Game without any Android Knowledge. Its just the multi-platform software. I could have just known that earlier and my life could have been much more better. But I like it happening slowly because it is fun and a well learning experience.

Also I dont hate colleges and schools. What I hate is what they teach. They are going to tell you to create a calculator. Can you make an Equation Solver from it. Its much more than a calculator. Stuff colleges never knew and will never know.

Cause if you are willing to do a degree, I suggest Data Science/ Data Management/ Equivalent

Hope this reply was not unclear as previous one. Sorry for that!:)
+1 Monty Mason · August 1, 2016
@Sampan, thanks for the clarification. I see where you are coming from.

But one of the reasons I have been contemplating a masters is to potentially get into teaching within this field (unless I wanted to do something similar to thenewboston, which really is a matter of learning in your own time, and uploading tutorials to various platforms).

Where I currently live, a Bachelor's does not qualify one to teach computer science or database administration, they need a master's and sometimes even a PHD even though you would teach at a bachelor's level. I suppose its a way of weeding out the applicants.
+1 arianna bates · August 4, 2016
Master's degree in database administration can put computer science students on a path to IT careers. Please make one selection from these options:

  • Data Architect

  • Database Administrator

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Security Specialist

  • Data Warehouse Developer/Manager

  • Data Mining Specialist

+1 Sampan Verma · August 6, 2016
Data Engineer and Data Security sounds like a good choice.
0 ragmar thomas · August 10, 2016
Really two certificates that's enough for your daily bread but for your passion follow your gut. So instead of going to some fancy or fuctark collage WHILE wasting pretty cool time that u can spent while pursuing your passion that what I call lame. you ain't gonna leave forever so live for your passion, that what matters.
0 stuart board · January 19, 2017
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