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+1 Shamal Sandeep · August 10, 2014
Hi Guyz,
I'm a begginer in python. I went through some basic tutorials about python to some advanced stuff like classes and OOP. And i would to get some more approach in python with Django for wen development. I can't really understad the patterns of Django though I made a blog with Django. So can anyone please describe me the conventions of python in web development approach ? In advance ?

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0 Yoncho Yonchev · August 14, 2014
Is there any particular reason to want to learn Django? What do you think about Flask ( ? The difference between the two is that DJango is with battery included, while with Flask you are more like building with separate blocks, although they are quite more reliable and consistent because most blocks are written from the same coder- the creator of Flask.
How you have made a blog without understanding the main concepts behind ? Some key points you need to look up and understand :

1. The ORM that is included in Django;The migration that are included in the new Django 1.7 ;

2. The template system in Django;

3. The routing in Django;
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