graphics.h in code blocks on ubuntu

+2 Chiranjeev Tapas · August 10, 2014
hey guys i need your help!
i was trying to run a graphics program but after running it, it gave me errors saying 
"undefined reference to initgraph"
"undefined reference to grprintf"

even though i included graphics.h
also i searched on google but cant find a link that will help me
please help! :)

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0 Chiranjeev Tapas · August 11, 2014
so what shall i use?? 
but i've seen some videos demonstrating the use of graphics.h in Ubuntu
0 Chiranjeev Tapas · August 11, 2014
thanks man for your time! :) 
i have solved the problem!

i used graphics.h header file only!
just initialized the graph after taking inputs.
hope this might help someone else too! :) 
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