Cannot get image upload class ...

+2 Kevin Watts · July 18, 2016
Hi All ,

There is a really cool image upload class I am trying to get but cannot seem to get it right . The link on github is :

I am using composer but cannot seem to get the class name right .. If I want phpmailer I type :

php composer.phar require phpmailer/phpmailer and it works ... cannot get this one though . Does anyone know the correct name or is there another way I can get it ?

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0 pwntastic _ · July 19, 2016
what you use should be what they mention in their documentation: 

If that doesn't work then just add it the way they show in their example within the composer.json file.
0 Suman Banerjee · October 22, 2016
You may git clone the project. Or simply, download the zip file from the github page and extract to your project directory. Then include the necessary files in your project and it is ready to use.
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