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+4 Saumitra sharma · July 15, 2016
Hey guys,

I am trying to create some cool icons with photoshop but I end up getting a problem when i completed making my icon and tried to save it ........ some uncool thing popup every time.
If someone have a solution to this please do post it ......! I also checked out on Adobe forums but I didn't get what I was searching for........ Thanx in advance guys.


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0 Saumitra sharma · July 19, 2016
As you can already see the full dialog-box ......... i can not figure out what is after file could_______. 
+1 Nikhil Nagaraju · July 23, 2016
Adobe Photoshop doesn't allow you to create a Icon files i.e *.ico files(Also it doesn't open .ico files).  So save your work file as a jpeg or png(If you have transparent pixels) file and use another editor to save it as .ico . You can use IcoFX ( ) its lite weight icon editor. :)
+1 Bob Trig · July 25, 2016
You may find this plugin useful:
0 Dan Veg · May 1, 2017
If you are trying to edit a folders icon it is very simple. Right click on the folder, go to properties, click in the "Customize" tab and under folder icons you can change it to any image on your computer. Just navigate to the image.
This works for older versions of Windows however it does not work on Windows 10.
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