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+1 Isaac Duncan · July 11, 2016
This concept is mainly influence by this youtube video. 
link :
(Watching the video would be easier than me trying to explain it)
A fast paced fps game just like this. There are 5 rounds in one game. In the first round you control one character and guide him to defeat the other team. In round two you control another character but the first character you controlled still exist but has a predefined movement that was defined when you first controlled him. This is just a basic layout of the game and there are more concepts i could give but you get the idea. 

The only problem is how would you handle with past characters becoming "unlinked". A game with this concept hasn't been truly made and if it has it probably lacked some features since it hasn't caught the gaming community eye. I believe a game like this has potential but am fairly new to programming(1 and 1/2 years) and also i have a quite busy year(exams). Nevertheless I want to make a game like this. 

I would love to hear your opinion on this mechanic and also be interested if anyone would care to help create this game with me(but alas am a newb so i need help)

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+3 Scott Walker · July 11, 2016
Interesting concept, basically a clone is formed at each level that makes it's moves and decisions, each following level this is set unless another action in the next level changes that clones chain of events. An interesting concept that would work really well as an online shooter but implementing it would be fricking difficult. If you ever start this project give me a shout, would love to be a part of it :-)
0 Jacob Selvestar · November 29, 2016
This game concept is really good and classic. It is very much important to take care of every objects of the game while designing because it affects a lot in game success.
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