How To Transfer Current Balance to Wallet

0 uzairaziz Qureshi · August 9, 2014
Hello Every One,
I Can't Transfer my current Balance To bitcoin wallet I have 0.0023 BTC In current balance Please Tell Me How Can I transfer To bitcoin Wallet.

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0 uzairaziz Qureshi · August 10, 2014
I know Bro,But I transfer Last amount on 29-jul-2014 So now I can transfer But I can't transfer How to transfer to bitcoin wallet Tell me.
0 Ivan M. · August 10, 2014
You can't do it.
0 uzairaziz Qureshi · August 10, 2014
Why I can't Do It?
0 Brandon Elliott · August 9, 2014
Publisher earnings pay out once a week. You don't transfer it yourself.
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