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+2 Nikola Novakovic · August 9, 2014
Hey there!

I plan to get some ASP.NET ( and possible a native widnows phone apps after that )  into my toolbox, but before that I think I should learn basic c# first just to get a hang of it, and then move onto and app dev. Do you agree ? 

Now what do you think are some of the best resources for begginers ? I have object oriented in PHP, Java  ( regular java and android app dev) and c++. I think that Microsoft has its own "Academy" and resources but just wanted to ask here from some more experienced devs.  

Thanks in advance! :)

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0 Shamal Sandeep · August 10, 2014
Hey Nikola Novakovic,
I think you don't need c# to get started with ASP.NET. But resources for is much less. The basic reason is people who work with Microsoft always need more bucks. But If we consider about the technology of ASP.NET in it's core It's really fast and modern. There's been a lot of talk about Google (Which is mostly developed in C++) and Bing which was built with ASP.NET, when talking about these two Bing is comparatively developed than Google. Many developers who hate ASP.NET do not take it in serious or even try it. So the best example is to fist take look, find what it's capable of and then come in to a decision. You can find resources for ASP.NET from here.

The basic patterns and convention ASP.NET MVC can be learned from here

Overall in my point of view ASP.NET is the best powerful, fast and enterprise level web development technology.
0 Nikola Novakovic · August 10, 2014
Thanks for the reply and resources :) 
0 Nikola Novakovic · August 10, 2014
Thanks Cave! :) 
0 Shamal Sandeep · August 11, 2014
You're welcome Nikola
0 Nikola Novakovic · August 13, 2014
Well I already know JavaScript. I think I will learn c# first and then see from that point where I should go. 

Any quick links to some books about  I will really appreciate. 
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C# is an object-oriented language designed for improving the development of web applications.