Best advice for a starting out CompSci student

+3 Aaron McAnally · July 1, 2016
Hello, I am currently in college as a junior, and I have finished my basic computer science I and computer science II classes(Both were based in c++). My question is, would it be wise to, in my free time during the summers, focus on what I have learned and polish it to a higher level, or should I focus on what I am going to learn so that I am better prepared? For example, my next two CompSci classes are to be Assembly Language and Data Structures. Should I get a head start on those classes? Or perhaps it would be better worth my time to focus on c++ until I'm at a proficient level?(To clarify  I feel comfortable with c++ as a language, but I don't feel like I would be helpful in a job orientated position with my current knowledge. We focused mainly on non-practical examples in class). I would appreciate any feedback, and I apologize for my rambling.

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+1 Barik Yusif · July 1, 2016
well you can study for your next class but still take a few hours or days (maybe weekends) to review and preserve your knowledge in c++
0 Corey Ryan · July 4, 2016
I'm in the same position as you. I'm currently after finishing my first year of a four year course in Computer programming(Games). We did Basic java and object orientated programming with java. For my summer i just got to know the part in what we learned that i was iffy with and then i started project in what we will be moving onto next year and 3rd year. Learned C and Python(Basic not in depth just to have a head start next year). And also i am currently building a Internet radio to get a feel for electronics and programming with python along with Web Crawling in python. This isn't really advice on what to do but rather what i decided to do for my free time over summer as im pretty much doing the same as you :) I'd say just make sure you're comfortable with what you've done this year and then go on to get a head start for next year.

Good luck either way! :)
0 joey watson · April 23, 2017
better concentration on your language.
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