Creating an instant messaging app

0 Shunryui Nik · August 8, 2014
Guys please anyone can tell me how do I start developing instant messeging app....I know java
I'm currently watching buckys android programming tutorials and I have finished 70 tutorials!!!
Please help me 

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+1 Shamal Sandeep · August 10, 2014
If you want to make a the application level. Best ways is to use Java. It will be really helpful at the same I saw there is a chat application tutorial in thenewboston. But If do not prefer to use Java. The approach is to use NodeJs It's really fast and flexible going with the JavaScript syntax. You must learn about sockets and stuff make it consistent and instant.
0 Shunryui Nik · August 9, 2014
Thank you all for your replies 
0 Shunryui Nik · August 9, 2014
Felix,by learning you mean programming in java???right!!!
0 Shunryui Nik · August 9, 2014
Btw anyone can tell me how much time will it take me to create and submit my app to the google playstore ?
+1 Felix Novovic · August 9, 2014
Not to burst your bubble here but if you're going to create an instant messaging app with android you should be fairly well read about concurrency and threads. Furthermore you need to create a Server as well if you do not choose to implement a peer-to-peer solution in which I'd recommend you to use bluetooth. Although if you're not experienced with this I strongly recommend you to learn java properly beforehand. I cannot stress enough that android can be really rough for the inexperienced and will most likely lead to headaches and frustration. Start small and work your way up!
+1 Pere Garau Burguera · August 8, 2014
You may probably want to check out sockets and related stuff
+1 Ivan M. · August 8, 2014
Can you explain us your app a bit better
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