If you could be transported to any fictional Universe from any fandom/book/movie/game, which one?

+3 Isaac Duncan · June 12, 2016
Mine would either be Pokemon or Harry Potter. I know it's nerdy but Hey Dragons. 

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+1 Monty Mason · June 12, 2016
I would probably go to a Dark Souls world. Simply because even if you die, you will always be revived as a hollow and have the ability to regain your humanity again (if you had one to begin with).

That means, no death, survival of the fittest and grand adventures to be had for all. That is unless you keep on getting your ass whooped and dying. Then not so grand adventures to be had lol.
+1 Sampan Verma · June 13, 2016
I wont mind going to DC World or Marvel World.
0 Noah Mehlmann · June 13, 2016
I dont know if somebody knows the book-series Ro'Ha. I would like to live in this universe.. Big multispecies space-stations with artificial worlds in it for every species.. :)
0 Livandosky Baierovich · June 23, 2016
the dispossesed - ursula k.
+1 William Fenerson · July 25, 2016
Starfleet Academy! 
0 Dan Veg · April 23, 2017
The Matrix would be cool. Being jacked into the matrix that is. Hey I want to lean about graphic design. Pop in a cartridge while jacked in and seconds later bam! Everything has been learned.

Other than that Harry Potter. I can live in a small apartment and with a little magic have the equivalent space of a mansion inside. 

Howl's Moving Castle as a wizard. I can live in one location and add a switch panel to the locking mechanism and with the selection of the color coded dial when I open the front door I am transported to any location set location.

I know that was three but when I first read the question I thought it said "which ones".
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