Best Python IDE?

+3 Bucky Roberts · August 8, 2014
What is the best Python IDE in your opinion?

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+2 Colonel Panic · October 23, 2014
*nix_server = vim # Because anything else would be uncivilized
Windows = Visual Studio || PyCharm # I like them both equally.
Linux Desktop = PyCharm
Mac = PyCharm

Most of the people that develop python, prefer PyCharm.  That speaks volumes.  Its integration with other syntax's (JSON, HTML, XML, CSS) and Git are extremely valuable.  Plus its debugging features is amazing. 
0 Jimmy Rodriguez · November 10, 2014
definitely "spyder"
0 Pat Hillson · December 7, 2014
I really like PyScripter.  I am learning Python at home and it is great in a Windows environment.
0 Dmitriy Naumov · December 7, 2014
I am new to programming. I had to choose a development environment.
What about Wing.
or Aptana
or PyCharm
What criteria must have IDE?
+1 Austin Elliott · December 7, 2014
I think Pycharm is the best, but I hate how you have to pay to unlock it's full features. If anyone has an equivalent of Pycharm that you know of, that is free, please let me know. 
0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · December 8, 2014

Building a small webapp presently using flask and angular js.
I am able to create a database, have having bower installed and the live edit plugin is also a life saver.
makes solving indentation problems easier, several plugins to choose from

I personally use jetbrains's IDE's. Check out phpstorm,webstorm,rubymine and IdeaIC for java.
0 jose matias · December 8, 2014
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