Best Python IDE?

+3 Bucky Roberts · August 8, 2014
What is the best Python IDE in your opinion?

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+8 Bucky Roberts · August 27, 2014
I agree Gary. I tried a few different Python IDE's and PyCharm is hands down my favorite. Super simple to use and has every feature I could ask for.
+6 Samuel Oloruntoba · August 9, 2014
jetbrains pycharm
+2 Gary Murphy · August 27, 2014
I've been using Pycharm for a couple of weeks now and I really like it.  It looks good and has handy features (like being able to change variable names in your code in one hit,  rather than having to go through every line to change them individually).
I also find it to be quite stable too.  Previously, I was using Enthought's Canopy, but it would sometimes have issues when running large files, especially if there was a lot of recursion involved.  Since using Pycharm I haven't had any issues at all.
+2 name family · August 9, 2014
Hey Friends and specially my @Bucky 
man , for simple projects , i prefer IDLE 
for more complicated projects ... i'd rather use Eclipse and the Addone for Python named PyDev 
and also 
if it's an important project , even if its complicated , i just use IDLE 'cause it have more debugging features ! 

so for over all IDLE get more scores from me ;) 
+2 Colonel Panic · October 23, 2014
*nix_server = vim # Because anything else would be uncivilized
Windows = Visual Studio || PyCharm # I like them both equally.
Linux Desktop = PyCharm
Mac = PyCharm

Most of the people that develop python, prefer PyCharm.  That speaks volumes.  Its integration with other syntax's (JSON, HTML, XML, CSS) and Git are extremely valuable.  Plus its debugging features is amazing. 
+1 Doug Fresh · August 26, 2014
I use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Desktop edition. It's free and it allows me to make C#, Python, C++ and SQL. Works pretty good, and can easily be packaged for different platforms.
+1 Colin James · August 8, 2014
Well, considering python isn't compiled I use anything. I tend to use IDLE at the start but quickly switch to Sublime Text 2 or something to save time. Saying that, I hardly use python since I just hate the syntax.
+1 Jayanth Varma B · October 22, 2014
I used pycharm (community edition) and it's good as far as i can say.

You can try sublime Text 2. Or Notepad++ with terminal also works fine.
+1 Austin Elliott · December 7, 2014
I think Pycharm is the best, but I hate how you have to pay to unlock it's full features. If anyone has an equivalent of Pycharm that you know of, that is free, please let me know. 
0 Jimmy Rodriguez · November 10, 2014
definitely "spyder"
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