python webcrawler tutorial 27 challenge

+2 Dima Bivol · June 1, 2016
Hello everyone,
So i want to create a web crawler that writes the source code that Bucky posted for tutorial 27 on python (, into a txt file.

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
def spider():
   url =""
   for code in soup.findAll("code",{"class":"hljs python"}): #loop over every line of code from <code class="hljs python">
       dest = r"buckys.txt"
       fx = open(dest, "w")                                   #open a txt file for writing
       code1=code.string                              #select the text only from   code
       fx.write(code1+"\n")                        #write the text in the text file

when i run it  i get nothing(no errors , "process finished with 0 exit code")
if anyone can help me please do so .
Thanks a lot

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0 gab voip · June 1, 2016
i think you need to see this other tutorial first. is the best for you. always Bucky ;)
0 gab voip · June 2, 2016
here is the link. sorry
0 Sangram Patra · October 22, 2016
AttributeError: 'Response' object has no attribute 'txt'

i m getting this error when ever i try to do web crawler program.

please please help me out
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