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+4 Alexander Thomas · May 29, 2016
I downloaded Pycharm and opened it up to create my first project. When I clicked on create A new project the python interpreter wasn't already displayed like it was in the video. Can someone please help? Thanks 

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+2 gab voip · May 30, 2016
Hello Alexander,
Yes it happens because you installed a program that edits .py files (pycharm) but not installed python itself. so you should download python and install it than give to pycharm the python.exe file  location.

Just to understand, is something like, i wrote a <html> code but i dont have a browser to interpret it :)
0 Julian Rose · June 3, 2016
What do you mean? Do you have a version of Python installed?
0 Andri Geir Arnarson · June 15, 2016
I had the same problem. 

You need to tell pycharm where your Phython.exe file is. I did the mistake by selecting the installation file and hit a bunch of problems. 
My file was stored in C:\Users\Andri Geir Arnarson\AppData\Local\Programs\Python

But to acctually find the appdata folder I had to make hidden files on my computer visable again.

Hope this hepls
+1 Ken Kellar · November 1, 2016
Look at the video on installing python then, installing  phycharm.   Pycharm is just a "GUI interface shell" to run python under. You need to also install  python its self then tell pycharm what its path is.

You download python itself from here:
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