Monitor mode disables Wifi Connectivity

0 Sathyamoorthy R · May 15, 2016
Hello there,
As described in this tutorial Series, I recently bought a brand new Wireless Adapter.
It is working very good as a Wifi Adapter.
But, as soon as I turn On Monitor mode, I can't connect to any website even Google.
The Connectivity goes dead.
Please help me.
I ordered the product specifically for this tutorial.

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0 Darren Rhodes · April 23, 2017
A WiFi network adapter has two modes:
1. Managed: this means your operating system is controlling the device and undertaking the 'normal' function of seeking out known WiFi networks and connecting to them if it finds one.
2. Monitor: This is not supported by all WiFi cards but those that can, can enter a monitor mode.  This mode means is NOT connected to a WiFi network but is able to listen to all communications that are "in the air", and some cards can "inject" data onto those listening streams.
To connect to a  wifi network  you will need to take your network card out of monitor, place it back into managed mode and then connect to a wifi network.

If using Linux:
1. airmon-ng stop [name of monitor mode i.e. wlan0mon]
2. service NetworkManager start
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