How to make all online android app users visible on map like in Periscope?

+3 Adlet Dairbekov · May 11, 2016
How to make all online app users visible (to each other) on the map (like in Periscope)?

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+1 Patrick Lake · October 22, 2016
I think it's due to geolocation.

There are two ways of finding your location. The first one is with the help of cell towers. This method is appropriate when a GPS signal is unavailable because it is not quite exact enough. The second method allows obtaining information about your position with the help of a built-in GPS chip inside your smartphone. This chip uses satellite data to calculate your exact position.

Google and Apple use their own services: Google Map and MapKit correspondingly.


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0 Vlad Pshenychka · November 13, 2016
Hi Adlet read also our article
0 Petter Tchirkov · April 23, 2017
To make an app where users are visible to each other, you need to occupy how to actually implement geolocation to your future project.
Here's a really good article that can be really helpful
Wish you all the best with your app.
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