Start learning swift/objective-c without a mac

+2 Matan Alfasi · August 7, 2014
Hey there :)

Until now my experience with any kind of objective-languages was just with C++,
but I would like to start learning iOS development but I don't have any kind of Apple computers.

Even though I have iPhone I don't really like Apple products, or Microsoft (this is probably the reason I'm using linux :\ )
Any who - I would still like to start developing for iOS devices, I have a few months of free time, and this will be a nice start.

So after you read all this, you'll probably be like 'WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ?',
so I have a few questions -

- Would you recommend developing iOS application without OS X ? (i heard about Hackintosh in virtual-box)
- I also heard about this new programming language that Apple developed for a few years - Swift, worth the time or stay with the old one - Objective-C ?
- Resources (books/pdf) to start learning one of these languages, and iOS API ? (Coco touch I think)
- I also heard about Metal. don't know if anyone of you heard, but from the little game Apple's developers made, it looks pretty awesome, any resources for that ?

For all of you helpers out there - thank you !

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0 Matan Alfasi · August 9, 2014
Oh well then, I guess I'll just buy an iMac or something, wish things with Apple weren't so stupid..
-1 Nikola Novakovic · August 9, 2014
Well I saw some of the Linux ( as yourself ) users were running ( on some beast of a pc of course ) two virtual machines at the same time. One windows and one mac but not sure how much is that reliable for development :) 

I planned in the future IOS app development but that will be done when I get a MacBook :) 
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