Is PHP necessary

+1 Gabby Mills · August 7, 2014
I'm making a website, I was originally just gonna keep it as a simple static website. But recently looking into PHP and MySQL - I'm starting to think otherwise?

What cool things can I add to a website through PHP coding?
Is it something all reputable websites should have?

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+2 Savad Dekrup · August 7, 2014
Social Media, Post, Database, Email, and much more. I recommend you to watch Alex's tutorials, he gives you a great definition about PHP.
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · August 7, 2014
I use PHP in my website for contact forms, my blog system, & content management. My website is built with HTML & CSS in PHP pages. I include specific aspects of the page using PHP on my main pages (Header, Footer, etc) I do this to save time on editing pages. I only have to edit one page instead of all.

Example: If I add a new link to navigation, I change my navigation PHP include page and it updates on all pages instead of having to edit each & every page.
-1 Jasmin Bakalović · August 7, 2014
In my opinion, if you are creating a website for presenting (ex. app for mobile) you only need a one page to show design and description for that app and download button.

Your link contains name (ticket). So lets see, if you are selling a tickets then you need to have shop system, to track what your customer has ordered, for that you need to have registration and login. Registration for name, surname, street address, etc. and login for using your system for tickets to buy.

If it gonna be like, send me in mail what ticket you want to buy and i will send that to you. Thats stupid.

Using PHP + MySQL (SQL), you are creating dynamic website, now its CMS, you have full control, you can add some news, poll, and much, much more.

Is PHP necessary? It depends what are you creating.
-1 Colin James · August 8, 2014
The necessity of PHP really depends on the functionality of the site. Decide what you want your site to do, then consider the best option.
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Server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages.