Hey there, I'm kind of new here, and this is my first post (yay ?)

Anyway, I've been learning C for about a month, and I would like to step to the next level. networking level.
I've a little bit of knowledge about protocols. net-mask, TCP/IP, sockets, ports etc,
but that's just knowledge, and I ask you guys for some resources that could help me start working with that knowledge and program a bit.

Now, it is getting even more difficult because I'm working on Linux (arch if that matters),
I've been thinking about Beej's guide to sockets which might help me start,
but I know that there are a-lot of awful books out there,and it would be nice if you could share with me some great resources about books that you already read and felt like this is a must book for networking beginner.

Thank you, and for all of you helpers out there, you the real MVP :)