Will governments try to take down bitcoin?

+3 Buddy Blackford · August 6, 2014
I read an post on reddit the other day about a guy who said he worked for the US government and his job was to investigate Bitcoin.  To make a long story short, his findings were that bitcoin is real and that it will compete with the US Dollar.  Do you think that governments (U.S. and other countries too) will try to ruin bitcoin somehow so that their currency remains one of the top currencies in the world?  If yes,  what do you think they could do?  

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+1 Buddy Blackford · August 7, 2014
definitely took that reddit post with a grain of salt but the topic however got me thinking. 
+1 William Frost · August 7, 2014
I think they already trying to do it, but I don't think Bitcoin or any crypto currency will fall becuase of the gov. 
Its is freedom mate :)
+1 Brandon Elliott · August 6, 2014
The thought of the US government being worried about Bitcoin as a competitor makes me laugh considering they're their own biggest competitor, creating debt and inflation at a rapid rate.

I'd highly doubt the authenticity of that reddit post, this is the internet after all
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