Bucky's doing the same thing over and over again

+1 Matej Bašić · August 5, 2014
When Bucky uploaded new C programming language series I found that Bucky explaines a programming language as if it's our first programming language. He explaines what variables are, what functiones are, what loops are etc. I just thought that it would be better if he made a single tutorial, or even series of basic tutorials if needed, not talking about any specific programmign language, so that when he makes tutorials about a new programming language he can focus on new and sweet things about every programming language.

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0 Nahiyan Alamgir · August 15, 2014
I think Bucky should make a separate video series for basic programming concept. He can refer to the series at the start of every programming series. In this way, he keep playlists short, reduce redundancy, save a lot of time. However, he may lose potential viewers who may not find his tutorials by searching for "Python for loop" or something similar.
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