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+2 Cooper Cecil · August 4, 2014

I am a newby and have only started HTML this past week. I have watched the first ten of the lessons. My trouble is this. You say to save all new projects as "index.html". Ok, so what if I have a couple of dozen projects I am working on, how do I know which is which? And how about when I go to publish? How will I be able to tell the search engine what file I want, they will all be "index.html"?
Second, I am having trouble getting my page to find images. I am using a MAC and have downloaded KOMODO software to begin programing. I know you say to put the image in the same folder as the code page, but I am still not getting it to load, and my code is identical to what it should be.
Thanks for any help.

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0 Cooper Cecil · August 4, 2014
Ok, I am able to get the pic to load now. I was saving to a specific file folder, and now I just move to a general folder with the html file in it also. 
So, still not sure how I am going to create thousands of web ages and save them all as "index.html" and expect me and my web server to know which fie I want.

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