[source code] C Programming Tutorial - 21 - Don't Beat Up Little Kids

+3 Bucky Roberts · August 4, 2014

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()
    int hoursWorked = 25;

    if( (hoursWorked >= 10) && (hoursWorked <= 40) ){
        printf("Nice job hoss");
        printf("You're fired");

    return 0;

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0 Jon L · August 21, 2014
That's not the right code for #21. But in the tutorial you tell us that both questions are separated with a && and both must be TRUE in order for the program to execute the  printf statement. But you didn't say what if the kid studies 60 hrs and beat up 9 kids how would we get it to print something like " Your doing a good job studying but you need anger management." Did i miss something or what.

Great job tho Bucky i'm at #25 and have memorized and masters all sample programs thanks.
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