Which is the Best Code Editor for PHP?

+5 karthika qpt · February 16, 2016
Which is the Best Code Editor for PHP?

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+1 Brendon McBain · February 17, 2016
This is very subjective, but my personal favourite is Brackets. http://brackets.io/
0 paulne vinthomas · February 17, 2016
1.Aptana php editor
3.context editor

0 James Jeffery · February 17, 2016
My personal favorite is Vim although that's not an IDE per say, and not beginner friendly.

I would highly recommend Jetbeans PHPStorm. It's an awesome IDE.
0 Michael Yousrie · February 19, 2016
Sublime all the way
0 Emre Aydin · February 21, 2016
Absolutely PHPStorm is the best IDE. Because it has this feature which is my favorite by the way that when you CTRL + Click on a function or an object or any variable it takes you to file and the line number where this object has initialized. And also it's easy to manage your database server. It auto-completes when you are making sql queries. It has support for multi language and libraries such as jQuey, Angular and so on.
0 Pam 007 · February 22, 2016
I am using Sublime .... and it's pretty good :)
+1 Erp Eight · February 22, 2016

hope it helps!:)
0 Jay Deshaun · February 23, 2016
I use to use Notepad++ only cause I know PHP and most of it's functions...
But then switched to NetBeans since I started using it in my classes.

I'm not saying NetBeans is the best but it does have errors from time to time if you don't download additional packages for the actual language you're mainly working on.
0 Stas Ustimenko · April 23, 2017
My choice is Codelobster: http://www.codelobster.com
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