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+1 Nathan Moland · February 10, 2016
How to setup file sharing with specific pc in a network? Thanks in advance for any help.

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+1 Eugene Botma · February 15, 2016
Are you trying to set it up on Linux or windows?
+1 A B · February 16, 2016
Assuming It's Windows:

I believe you can set a static ip to both PC's. Make sure the thirdset in the ip address (, the two in this address.) Disconnect the two PC's from all networks then connect an Ethernet cable one side into each PC. The goto Windows explorer and type in the I.P of the other computer
+1 Nathan Moland · February 24, 2016
In windows. I want it to setup over the network without disconnecting is that possible? What solution are there? thanks in advance
+1 Sylvester · July 30, 2016
If its a linux network I would just install ftp and it you can look up a vid. But on windows you can watch this.
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