Google Chrome verses Firefox for Android SDK (Desktop and Mobile)

+1 Wally Lepore · February 10, 2016
Hi Members,

I am new to Android SDK and have downloaded and installed all the recommended packages. In the video, Bucky mentioned that if your not already using Chrome as your browser then ... you should. Can anyone please tell me why?

I primarily utilize Firefox but read that Chrome is now using HTML5. Any other suggestions before I make the switch? Thank you kindly.

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0 Gary Whitney · February 10, 2016
I think it is just a personal preference.
Chrome ships with Android phones, so it is already there.
I use Firefox most of the time, but you have to install it.
0 Wally Lepore · February 10, 2016
Thanks Gary,

Yes, I use Firefox as well as Chrome. I notice that Chrome is  much faster in regards to loading pages and exiting. Yes I agree, Chrome ships with android therefore that may be a good place to start when learning the Android SDK. Also, Firefox for android does not have the ability to create folders for bookmarks. Being a huge bookmarks user I had no choice but to make the switch to Chrome.
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