PHP Mail Function not working

+1 Joseph Mancuso · February 8, 2016
i cant for the life of me figure this out. 

So I recently had a hostmonster account, i didnt feel like paying for the hosting fee since i can just host the website from my desktop just fine. When i switched the website over to my desktop, the php mail() function obviously stopped working. I've looked up a lot of tutorials and played around with mercury for a long time. still not working.

if i go to mercury, and go to file->send mail message, i can send it to any email address but it wont send via the PHP mail() function. Also, when i do send an email from the mercury browser, it goes to the junk/spam folder of the recipient but im not too worried about that right now.

i just need to know how to get this php mail server to work!

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0 Jonah Morrison · February 14, 2016
Hosting from your desktop is a bad idea. Your ISP likely forbids it and your IP could change. You may even turn off your computer which would stop it from working. As for the mail thing your desktop is not a "mail" server. You would need to hook it up with a 3rd party of sorts. This is what web hosting companys do for you. Im not really sure how I would go about this except for using web hosting! Also are you getting any error messages? If so could you post them. It would make it easier to help.
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