App does not work on phone

+1 ozges keskin · February 8, 2016
Hello guys!
I am beginner app developer. I have written an app about making call.Actually it is working on Emulator but I have loaded to my phone it doesnt work. Does anybody help  me ?

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0 David Frenzel · February 8, 2016
I'd suggest you put your phone in debugging mode, connect it to your computer where you have your IDE(Android Studio?) installed and then run the app thru your IDE on your phone. The IDE should output an error in the logcat. You might be able to solve your issue on your own with this or simply just paste the error and the code that is pointed to in here!

0 ozges keskin · February 9, 2016
Thank you David Frenzel. I've already found the problem. I'd  written uses-permission-sdk-23 so it works on emulator because emulator has 23 API but my phone has 21 API. I had tried to write uses-permission but it doesn't allow. How can it read ?

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