what all languages and skills you need to be able to build this site "the newboston.com"

+1 Parth Hate · February 7, 2016
this is a pretty cool website, i want to know and how long specifically would it take to build a website like this also supposingly someone posted a project on elance how much should they be getting paid to build similar site to the newboston. 

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+1 Jonah Morrison · February 14, 2016
This is a pretty powerful website and the brains behind it are pros. For starters you would need to know how to program a website. It takes years of practice to maser programming. I have been doing it for 7 years and learn new things all the time.

The languages that are used here are PHP for the back end. In addition HTML, CSS, JavaScript with the jQuery library.

It seems like you wan't to get paid to build websites? If thats the case never say you can do more than you actually can. Its not fair to clients and personal data requires a lot of security.
+2 alex constantin · February 14, 2016
Like the two previous replies say, web programming takes time to wrap your head around and even more time to master.
However, if you use frameworks like Django rather then PHP, I personally, with about 2-3 months of current experience, I can create a basic Twitter clone, a blog from scratch...
It depends on the technology you use: I personally hate PHP so I do not use it, and I find Django (python) much easier to learn and easier to use.
+1 Dhruv Singhal · March 29, 2016
you will need ajax, bootstrap, xhtml, css, html5, css3, sass or scss (optional - for convenience), javascript or jquery, php and mySQL
0 muha hasssan · March 29, 2016
HTML5, Javascript, PHP, and Jquery.
0 axel vincent · March 30, 2016
Transform hours by love and security by passion, so u will get the god answer :P
0 Brendon Baugh · April 4, 2016
Well your basic front end languages like HTML/CSS/Javascript would handle the the designs and stuff, but then you need a back-end languages like PHP, NodeJs, ruby, Python things like that store info in databases and allow communicate with a server
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