I need assistance with an error in chapter 8 of ios development with swift

+2 Marcel du Crocq · February 7, 2016
I have updated Xcode to 7.02
While whatching tutorial 8: User interaction, I noticed that while you create an bacon button Action by draging from the left corner to the Class viewcontroller, the fields in the pop-up are different especially the drop downs. I can't select Action in the Connection dropdown....???

Plus when I remove the code and change it to the one i Should see
@IBAction func ButtonPressed(sender: UIbutton)

I get errors he asks for inserting ';' between @IBAction and func it still doesn't work....so I can't change the code after dragging.

Please assist 

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0 Marcel du Crocq · February 9, 2016
Realy no help....what's the point....
0 Marcel du Crocq · February 21, 2016
please assist, 
+1 Bhakti Karva · April 9, 2016
I faced a smiliar problem. Here is the solution.

What you need to do is create a normal @IBAction in the controller class. Then go back to your storyboard. Select the button, hold down the control key and drag it to the yellow square button made on the top of the view controller. When you release it, it will give you a drop down of the methods. Select your newly created method from the list and it will connect. 

For conformation purpose, right click on the button, a drop down will pop-up. In the sent-events section look for 'touch-up inside' row. Right next to it, your method name should be present. If not, repeat the above steps again.

Hope this helps :)
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