Are Bucky's C++ classes really good?

+5 Raghu Ram · February 4, 2016
I dont mean to offend anyone, but I want to know are Bucky's C++ tutorials really helpful? For me though, they are really interesting and easy to learn but is C++ really that easy? I mean after going through all these 73 videos will I be good with my basics?

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+1 muha hasssan · February 4, 2016
all bucky classes are good
+1 aliya kola · February 4, 2016
Yes, they are very helpful. I am a class 11th student and my c++ teacher is horrible. The book used in our school does not explain things clearly either. Once I go through a tutorial of a topic here i do not need to go through it in my book. I am able to build most of the programs assigned by my teacher with ease because of the basic understanding of programming taught here. I am also able to clear my friends doubts related to programming.
+1 Alf Nohr · February 4, 2016
Yeah, they are good. At least if you're new to programming or C++. However, by watching all of the tutorials, will it just give you a good starting point of the most basic stuff. After the tutorials you may be able to create some small programs, but nothing too fancy. 
If you want to expand your C++ knowledge do I recommend getting a recommended book:
+3 Laura Lee · February 6, 2016
No. Bucky is terrible and shouldn't be teaching.
+1 Michael Bianchi · February 7, 2016
Yes, but you wont learn that much about graphics programming. If you follow along, you'll know enough about where to learn more.

Once you get advanced, I really recommend Game Institute. It's not just for people wanting to program games, but for all C++ tasks. They are extremely thorough. Be prepared to read, though. It's not video-based, even though they are starting to convert much of their structure to supplement with video.
+1 ADA ALVAN UWA · February 8, 2016
you were just introduced to c++ to have a feel, the big shot is left to you to decide. There is no one born a success, Success is a conscious process that individuals ascribe to be.
+1 Christopher Hall · February 16, 2016
@Raghu Ram

I am currently in the process of learning more about C++ and this is helping me along the way. I do not know of another way to learn this material than to look it up on the web as you and myself are doing now. This has been a valuable resource for us and many others so far. New people learning this do not have any basis for good programming practices or bad basis for programming practices so we are stuck with what we piece together. Only more time and further reading will guide us in the correct direction. Then again, what is considered good practice for some...may not be for others.

@Laura Lee and anyone else
If you are going to say he is terrible and give no advice or explanation as to why then GFYS. I can't learn anything from that and you are not contributing to anything here.
+1 zac howe · April 12, 2016
From a beginner point of view, personally I feel that the videos are good.
+1 ahmed bashir · April 13, 2016
making it look easier this is what i love about the guy even if dint watch his c++ bti hv seen his c tut ,and am really missing him on c# ...becouse right now i hv to do c# instead of c++ .
+1 Christian Rhodes · April 15, 2016
@Raghu Ram
Only if you're an absolute beginner or you want to get a quick crash course. He covers a lot of things, but not everything in great details.

I'd recommend watching this only if you want a refresher.

Reading a lot of C++ books and references, watching some C++ tutorials (preferably projects done by other C++ programmers), attending conferences, and practice-practice-practice, are at least three of the things you need to be really good at C++

And no, C++ is not easy. Even the best C++ programmers still get program errors.
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