Trying to implement number verification without using an SMS gateway

+1 Kamran Khan · February 4, 2016
I am an amateur at Android Application Development and I am figuring out a way to get a one time number verification similar to that of whatsapp or viber.
Can anyone direct me onto the right path?
I'll highly appreciate any help.


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0 Kamran Khan · February 5, 2016
Thanks for your reply David, I actually got the verification thing figured out by setting an SMSManager and sending the user a 4 digit random code from the user's phone to the user. Once the user enters the same code into the next step he/she will be verified.

Now everytime the user opens the application, an Intent Service would check if the person's imei is matching with the information on the database or not. If it does, it allows the user to start the application else the user has to get the verification done all over again.

It is a university project I am working on. Cant use too many APIs because I am already using the Text-Speech and Google Maps API.
0 David Frenzel · February 4, 2016

I'm definitely not an expert with this but I highly doubt that this is possible. In order to verify the number you need to send an SMS to that specific number. These texts need to be sent from somewhere that is able to send texts to any network. 
You could create some kind of workaround using your own phone but that way everyone knows your number and your phone bill will explode (eventually, once people find out that you pay for every verification text). 
I'd suggest you find yourself a cheap (maybe demo) sms gateway provider, test it out and if the app brings any profit expand that service. If anyone else has a better idea - go ahead. 

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