Best SEO XML Sitemap Generator?

+3 Bucky Roberts · February 2, 2016
How do you guys generate XML sitemaps for your website? I used Screaming Frog and before, of those I would say Screaming Frog is my favorite. 

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0 Jay Deshaun · January 20, 2017
I use to use xml sitemaps but then I found a single file source code that could read the entire site and generate a sitemap in xml (Couldn't find the url for it).
0 Daria Daria · April 23, 2017
This one is the best. Sometimes I use this tool

0 Samuel Martin · April 23, 2017
Screaming Frog is a great program if you can afford it (you have to pay once your site is bigger than 500 URL). Otherwise I use, or Xenu Link Sleuth (free alternative to SF)
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