Hi, I'm trying to integrate freichat ( this is the link: http://codologic.com/page/freichat-free-php-chat-script-software , I hope i'm not breaking the rule with this link...if so, please remove it )with laravel 5.1.
I have downloaded the freichat an put it in the public directory, installed it selecting custom install.
Created a helpers file where i copied this functions from freichat (from the documentation):

function freichatx_get_hash($ses){

if( Auth::check() ){
require "C:/xampp/htdocs/myproject/public/chat/hardcode.php";
$temp_id = $ses . Auth::user()->id;
return md5($temp_id);
echo "<script>alert('module freichatx says: hardcode.php file not found!');</script>";
return 0;

An put this in my master template:
<?php $ses = Auth::check() ? Auth::user()->id : null; ?>

Everything if okay, the chat admin is working (it shows the users from my laravel database and it shows the number of online users), but in the chat it shows this message:

Getting list of online users .....

In my console are no errors...
What I'm missing?