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+1 João Antunes · January 31, 2016
Hello guys. I'm a computer science student and I decided to learn how to write an Android app as a challenge since I'm decently familiar with java and I've been wanting to this for a while. Now, I'm currently facing a problem due to my computer being a few years old. It doesn't support Intel HAXM, it doesn't have the Hyper-V feature, you get the point. I can run a kitkat emulator on Android Studio but it's painfully slow and because of that I can't test whatever app I want to test on it. I've tried other emulators (Genymotion) but HAXM came back to haunt me. What can I do here? I have a 4.4.2 phone and I don't mind testing on it, even if that means connecting it to my computer everytime I want to test it, but is this a good idea? If so, how can I do this? Thank you.

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0 SK Srivastava · February 1, 2016

Some older configuration PC's don't support virtualization. Even Genymotion won't of any help in that case.

So, it would be better if you connect your phone to the PC with "Android Debugging" enabled (look into developer options in your phone and allow your PC to communicate with it) & then choose the phone when running emulator.
0 João Antunes · February 3, 2016
Thanks a lot. I'm currently using my phone to test the initial app and it looks good. I'm looking forward to keep working on it.
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