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+2 Franz Schmidt · January 31, 2016
Does someone know nice providers for VPNs or Proxys or similar, which don't keep log of your activities. I know that there are many providers out there but it seems almost every store data from you in some way.

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0 Linguist Llama · February 1, 2016
The problem isn't just whether or not the VPN provider logs your activity, but also whether the internet provider for the VPN provider logs your activity.

Granted, they can't read the encrypted packets between your computer and the VPN server, but consider if they can see all incoming and outgoing packets from the VPN, they can probably guess pretty well which incoming packets correspond to the outgoing packets.

VPN services are usually a scam marketed based on fear that can't fully solve the problem they promise to solve, even if they try. The best hope you have is that the VPN service you choose won't just refrain from logging you, but will also have servers hosted in multiple countries such that it's difficult to monitor both ends, but even that is not immune to political pressure or negotiation by multiple vectors (the VPN provider themselves, the internet service providers of the VPN provider, even backdoors in their/your computers)...

If you have nothing to hide, there should be no reason to buy into this scam. If you have something to hide, be prepared to have that used as blackmail no matter what you try to do to hide it. Best of luck with that, you're probably best setting up your own VPN as described above using some dedicated servers hosted strategically in politically stubborn countries.
0 Franz Schmidt · February 1, 2016
Thanks Llama :)

And you can recommand some nice tutorials or books according to this topic. Maybe also for setting up a own VPN as you recommanded at the end of your post. 

And do you have some experience with it and could recommand some good providers. I allready found some like: Hide My Ass; VyprVPN; ExpressVPN are those reliable providers?
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