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+1 Rein F · January 30, 2016
My emulator is just not starting up. I left it for 2 hours. I think the log goes in a loop. Its repating the same precess over and over again for 2 hours now! Does anyone know how to fix this?

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0 S P · February 3, 2016
Try configuring your virtual device. Lower the RAM selected in Advance settings. Also close any other application which is running, while the emulator runs.
The problem could be due to lower RAM. 4 GB RAM is recommended. 
In future don't wait more than 15 min for the emulator to run. Try restarting it again, after applying these settings. 
Also uninstall the unrequired SDK pakages, that is really going to help. As I faced the same problem.
For example, I am developing apps only for mobile devices, so I uninstalled Android TV ARM EABI v7a System image and Android Wear ARM EABI..
I have attached an image to explain this better

0 sai gopi · February 3, 2016
let you do clean and re build your project if still it is not working to below one
close your android studio and reopen it
0 Appi M · February 2, 2016
I think your machines configs must be old. Same happened with me, emulator kept flashing "android" for 3hrs but didnt actually start like a phone. So i borrowed a friends machine which is more powerful than my own. It works on this one.
0 Peter Staal · January 31, 2016
I had the same problem long time ago. For me this works. In your Windows is also an emulator. You have to turn it of. Then your emulator will start up.
Good luck Peter.
0 Franz Schmidt · January 31, 2016
Did you try to set up a new AVD this sometimes fixed problems like this for me.
0 Gary Whitney · January 31, 2016
Watch the bottom of Android Studio when you launch the AVD.
You should get error messages there.
Posting the messages gives others a better idea of what the problem is.
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