SDK tools directory is missing

0 Oliver Cortez · January 30, 2016

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0 See Plus Plus · January 31, 2016
It looks like the entire SDK is missing, not just the tools directory.  To fix this, click on the checkbox next to "Android 6.0"(or the platform/s you want to download), then click apply.  A prompt will appear asking you if you want to download it.  Agree to it and it will download, and everything should be ok from there.  Hope this helps!
0 Muhammad Faisal Hyder · January 31, 2016
Hi there, you have to provide the path of the folder where you've installed / unzipped the Android SDK, if issue still persists then delete the existing SDK and unzip/install it again and provide the path, if issue still persists then you may have wrong or older version of SDK , go to site and and download the latest SDK.
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