Sorting Arrays

0 Rana Junaid · January 29, 2016
please explain easily on sorting of arrays and filing please please ... on monday 1st feb 2016 there is  my exam of computer programming ... c++ is the language ... telme the important rules and tips for remembering concepts and formulas..thanks alot brothe

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0 Linguist Llama · January 30, 2016
Do you seriously expect us to do better in less than two days than authors who have spent months or years perfecting their books on this subject?

I'm flattered. Still, you seem to have left your revision studies too late. Next time take a month to read a book on algorithms in your own leisure, and you'll more likely pass your exam on algorithms.

I understand this isn't going to help you pass your exam on Monday, but I also understand that probably doesn't matter to you, since you're looking for shortcuts rather than being fascinated with the course content... People usually aren't that bothered when they fail a course that they don't find interesting; they're usually more bothered that they've wasted money on a course that they don't find interesting... Think about it, if you were to ace these exams despite finding programming uninteresting, you would probably end up working a job you don't find interesting, and five or ten years later you might choose to study something else...

Perhaps this course isn't for you. What do you enjoy doing with your time? If it's something you might be able to make money from, consider studying in that sector instead. If you can't make money from it, find something else that interests you (this is important, since algorithms and/or programming clearly doesn't seem to be interesting you or you'd be fascinated while studying it) and that you can make money doing.

I hope this advice has been helpful.
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